Quarterly report on our activities

Read below the quarterly report (Sept-Dec) on our activities


Solidarity, translation and social networks: now you can read the presentation

Lisandro’s presentation can be read here.

An interview at Europea Radio

Europea Radio interviews Celia Rico and Marcelo Rodríguez Grinbuzz‘s experiential lecture las 27th November.

Listen here to the interview


Solidaridad, traducción y redes sociales. Un taller práctico

Next 11th December we organize a worhshop where Lisandro Caravaca, graduated in Translation at the UEM and founder of Eduskopia, will give attendants the opportunity to get to know first hand how social networks influence translation and social responsibility.

Read the complet program here (Spanish is the workshop language)

MultiUN: A Multilingual Corpus from United Nation Documents

This paper describes the acquisition, preparation and properties of a corpus extracted from the official documents of the United Nations (UN). This corpus is available in all 6 official languages of the UN, consisting of around 300 million words per language. The authors describe the methods used for crawling, document formatting, and sentence alignment. This corpus also includes a common test set for machine translation. The article present the results of a French-Chinese machine translation experiment performed on this corpus.

Read the complete article here