research and development

We work actively in R&D projects because we believe we can contribute to social progress by generating new knowledge. Besides, R&D fosters an on-going contact with translation companies so that we can collaborate with them in different projects. We also incorporate R&D findings in our training activities.

Research projects

Date Project name Funding institution Funding
2012 "Glosario terminológico plurilingüe en el ámbito humanitario: HUMANATERM (ES-FR-EN-CH-RU-AR)" (2012 UEM 09) UEM 5.800€
2011 "Actitudes Lingüísticas y Sociales de los Inmigrantes de Origen Senegalés (ALISIOS)", (2011/UEM03) UEM 4.000€
2009 INMILINGUAS (Estudio lingüístico sobre la población inmigrante). OTRI 2008/UEM15 UEM 6.000€
2008 "Gestión del Aula Multicultural" (2007/UEM02) UEM 6.000€
2007 Red Inmigra 2007, (P2007/HUM-0475 Comunidad de Madrid): https://www.grupoinmigra-imasd.es/home Comunidad de Madrid 60.000€