Not-for-profit Translation


Our mission is to train our students at the highest level of professional competences in Translation and Interpreting.


We aim at creating a professional working environment in which students are faced with real situations through translation assignments from not-profit organizations.

This vision involves confirming the Translation and Interpreting degree at the Universidad Europea de Madrid as a source of reference for innovation in training.

Our services

Translation Terminology management Machine Translation and
Translation project management Multilingual documentation editing Text formatting
Web localization Interpreting Multilingual content management
Training Development of public multilingual resources (glossaries, translation memories, corpora) Multilingual content management

Not-for-profit organizations


Not-for-profit organizations and the UEM

About us

The team at UEM’s Not-for-profit Translation is made up of the following people:

» Graduate students

All graduate students in Translation and Interpreting at the UEM

» Postgraduate students

All postgraduate students enrolled in the UEM’s MA in Translation, Dubbing and Subtitling

» PhD Programme

Students in the PhD Programme at UEM’s School of Arts and Communication All

» UEM’s alumni

Any UEM’S alumni who want to share in this initiative

» Faculty members

Faculty members at the UEM

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UEM’s not-for-profit Translation is coordinated by Celia Rico (PhD), senior lecturer at the School of Arts and Communication.