Social Responsibility


UEM’s not-for-profit translation initiative has its origin in a clear commitment to social responsibility, as its activity is actually focused on the translation of materials for NGOs. This initiative is closely linked to the activities of UEM’S Corporate Social Responsibility.

The UEM Translation Agency collaborates with the following NGOs:

Médicos del mundoComradeCear

Translation and Social Responsibility

Our work mirrors that of other international initiatives gathering translators in volunteer work:

The Rosetta Foundation

The Rosetta Foundation supports the translation and localization non-profit activities for certain communities.

Translators without Borders

Creating and managing a community of NGOs who need translations and professional, vetted translators who volunteer their time to help.

The Need for Translation in Africa

This report is the result of a donation-in-kind of research services to Translators without Borders from Common Sense Advisory.

Collaborative Translation in not-for-profit organizations

An initiative set out by Red Inmigra with the aim of is to introducing the topic of collaborative translation in not-for-profit contexts to a broad audience, and explore aspects such as the use of collaborative platforms, quality control, crowd motivation and professional translators’ role.

If you want to share similar activities with us, send us an e-mail to our contact address.