Facts and figures in the translation industry

In the current complex economic scenario, it is essential to look at data if we are to avoid falling into disenchantment. Is there a future in translation? And what’s more important, is there a future for translators?

Juan José Arevalillo Doval, CEO at Hermes Traducciones y Servicios Lingüísticos, will analyse the translation sector from a realistic perspective, presenting actual data form the industry.

Jueves 21 de febrero de 2011, Aula B211- 14.30, Universidad Europea, campus de Villaviciosa (see how to get there)

This talk will be delivered in Spanish.

Attendance is free and open to anyone interested.

Practical workshop for freelance translators

Next Thursday 12th February we are organizing a practical workshop on different legal aspects related to the Spanish Administration affecting Spanish freelance translators.

This workshop will take place in Spanish.

More information: