Entrevista a Steve Collins

Buenos días, traductores

Hoy queremos acercaros las palabras de Steve Collins, el escritor del blog Spinal Roots, cuya traducción al castellano estamos llevando a cabo desde nuestra Agencia. Steve lucha desde hace años contra una lesión medular y su experiencia es un ejemplo de superación y constancia para todos. Os adjuntamos la entrevista que tan amablemente accedió a concedernos. Esperamos que os guste.

- Why did you decide to start writing a blog?

There are now many people pursuing ABR Therapy across the world, but when I began, in 2001, there were no more than a few dozen participants. It is still true that the vast majority are children, and not only that, but seriously disabled children who are more often than not cognitively impaired. Some of these children are now young adults, although I am still one of the few participants who has the ability to express the personal experience of undergoing the therapy. It was for this reason that I was asked to write a blog; a challenge that I duly took up.

- What does ABR therapy mean to you?

How did you get in contact with it? One day I accompanied a young man more seriously disabled than myself to a centre in East Grinstead near where I live in South East England. It was there that I came across Leonid Blyum and his work, which he called ABR Therapy. I spent some time watching him teach his clients and realised that his understanding went beyond that which I had previously encountered. I soon teamed up with him and embarked upon this mission to heal my body. ABR Therapy brings understanding to the condition of paraplegia and has lifted me out of the myths and illusions that surround it. The established medical view of paraplegia is that it is a condition in which the body is paralysed through nerve damage. This is obviously an aspect of the condition, but the scientific obsession of repairing the spinal cord is unhelpful as it blinds them to the true reality of paraplegia. Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation sees the whole picture through the bio-mechanical structure of the body and understands the need to rebuild the foundation upon which the use of the paralysed muscles depend. The practice of ABR therapy has become a way of life for me and a way of life that slowly but surely awakens my body from the dormant state that it descended into.

- You’re an example for many people who have been through the same situation you’re dealing with. What would you say to encourage them?

If a doctor tells you that your spinal injury is permanent and irreversible then do not believe them! I can promise you that through ABR Therapy it is possible to make enormous improvement and the potential is always there to make a full recovery. Whether or not that potential is realised depends upon the work you are prepared to invest and the dedication by which you follow the way. ABR Therapy offers the understanding and the techniques with which to address spinal injury. What is important is that you embark upon the path as soon as possible after injury and make therapy a integral part of your daily life allowing health and well being to flourish.



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